Farmhouse Style: Affordable Decor for Less

Farmhouse Decor

I go back and forth on what design styles I prefer day to day (sue me– I’m human). I admire people who can stick to one design aesthetic so much lol. But, I will say, the one style that always pulls me back in is definitely the farmhouse trend. Whether you call it farmhouse style, farmhouse chic, or modern farmhouse, it’s all the same to me. And while the key aspects of farmhouse style include utilizing reclaimed goods and ‘found’ pieces, not everyone has access to amazing salvage and antique shops.

That’s why I’ve put together this guide containing numerous affordable farmhouse decor items. Now if you’re an avid reader of mine, you know that I love my West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and Pottery Barn. Well, fear not, those sites won’t be linked in this post. I did say this was going to be affordable after all!

This goes without saying, but many pieces below are from Magnolia Market— you know I had to stock this post with items from the queen herself. After all, who knows farmhouse better than Joanna Gaines? Don’t forget to also check out your local HomeGoods for so many amazing farmhouse┬ástyle pieces! Unfortunately, I couldn’t add pieces from HomeGoods on here because you can’t shop on their site. But trust me, besides being just fun to go to period, HomeGoods will help you tremendously with getting your house in the right direction with affordable pieces!

I also love going to Michaels and using their store coupons to find pieces here and there for the home. Now they can be hit or miss with the farmhouse look, but just go on over every once in a while and get those coupons on your phone when you head to the register. Michaels will be ideal for wall art, baskets, and faux flowers.

For more farmhouse inspiration, don’t forget to check out my farmhouse bedroom guide after you read through this one!

Throw Pillows

Farmhouse Throw Pillows

(Knit Pillow, Plaid Pillow, Rustic Pillow, Bicycle Pillow, Arrows Pillow,

Black Pillow, Nest Pillow, Geometric Pillow, Macrame Pillow)

One of my favorite, and in my opinion, easiest ways to change up the look of your house or specific room, is by bringing in new throw pillows. You know how it is– you buy some throw pillows, they look amazing for about a year, then they start getting a little flat and boring to look at.

What I love the most about the pillows above is the fact that they bring in visual interest. My favorites are without a doubt the macrame and geometric pillows. I feel like they add not only a farmhouse or Joanna Gaines look, but also a little bit of trendiness.

Consider adding some solid color pillows to your couch or bed and then placing patterned pillows in front of them. I always love layering up my throw pillows!


Farmhouse Rug and Throws

(Diamond-Pattern Rug, Blue Rug, Jute Rug, Throw)

Ok, granted you could use any simple rug and make it farmhouse-appropriate, but I especially like the ones I chose above. They’re textured and add warmth to the space while adding visual interest. I personally have purchased the jute rug in the past and it is nice and thick. I love that it’s a darker natural rug so you can’t notice spills and dog prints as easily.

As for the throw, It looks so soft and cozy! To be fair, pretty much any throw would do, but I have a tendency towards plaid or knit throws since I find them to be more rustic. Just match it up with your accent colors.


Farmhouse Vase Containers Basket

(Chalkboard Canisters, Wall Baskets, Glass Gallon Vase,

Coffee Canisters, Blue Vases, Baskets)

So as you can see, when I say containers, this word encompasses so many different things. Think vases, canisters, and baskets. The above pictures are just a very small sampling of farmhouse containers that would look great in your home. As I stated above, I love going to HomeGoods and Michaels for baskets. I also have some in my home from TJ Maxx. You can find beautiful, big baskets pretty much anywhere and use them to store extra throws, pillows, and even as plant holders!

As I stated above, I love going to HomeGoods and Michaels for baskets. I also have some in my home from TJ Maxx. You can find beautiful, big baskets pretty much anywhere and use them to store extra throws, pillows, and even as plant holders!

Kitchen canisters are definitely essential when decorating your home. I feel like people often forgot about decorating their kitchens and instead opt to just have out their essentials like coffee pots and microwaves. The kitchen is a huge part of your home and you can definitely make it seem more incorporated into the design style by adding plants, cute canisters, and so much more.

Vases are of course, very necessary when designing for a farmhouse home. Well, vases and pitchers. To me, farmhouse and plants pretty much go hand in hand. whether that means faux or real, you’re going to need containers to house your plants. Consider white, metal, or glass to go with the rest of your space.

Lighting & Candleholders

Farmhouse Decor Lighting and Candles

(Floor Lamp, Black Desk Lamp, Thick Candleholders, Industrial Table Lamp,

Thin Candlestick Holders, Carved Lamp Base)

If you’ve read my post on making your home cozier, then you know how much I love using lamps and candles in my space. I love rustic candleholders not only for the warmth that they add without having any candles lit, but also for the uniqueness-factor that they provide. Don’t forget my biggest tip for your candleholders: always utilize faux candles with them! You don’t have to worry about burning down your home, and you can set them on timers to go off at the same time every night.

Lamps not only finish off your end table but also provide you with warm, soft lighting at night. Truly a win-win!

Wall Decor

Farmhouse Wall Decor

(‘Fresh Cut Flowers’ Sign, ‘Wash n’ Dry’ Sign, Clipboard,

Metal Wall Vases, Tobacco Baskets)

Wall decor can truly change a space so easily. I think this is the best way to add some visual interest to a space. People can be so creative when it comes to wall decor. You definitely don’t have to stick to store-bought items, but since this post is mainly on affordable products you could buy in a weekend, I figured I’d stay away from leading you on a wild goose chase through your local antique shops. The only downside in purchasing mass-manufactured wall decor pieces though is that since they are so big and noticeable, you’re also more like to see others with similar items as you on their walls.

I’m not going to lie, all four corner pics above are from Magnolia Market. Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Who better to buy wall decor from then Joanna Gaines. I pretty much go by the mantra that if she likes it, I like it. All of her wall decor pieces would add finishing touches to your space, but these are without a doubt some of my favorites.

The tobacco baskets probably caught your eye– that’s a prime example of ‘found’ wall decor. You can get those from Amazon, like I have linked in the credit, but you can also buy these for far cheaper at a salvage store. I know that while antiquing in Micanopy, Florida, I saw many tobacco baskets and they were about $30 each. Still not the cheapest, but I love having some history behind them.

Miscellaneous Decor

Farmhouse Decor Items

(Quilt Ladder, Picture Frame, Drawer Pulls, Yellow Wreath,

Double Topiary, Flowers, Metal Tray, Single Topiary)

Finally, the miscellaneous finishing touches. These are the little items that truly finish off the space. I say, buy these when you’ve already purchased your other decor items and furniture pieces. You want to plan out your miscellaneous decor properly since it’s really going to act as filler for your surfaces.

I love using distressed picture frames. Specifically, the black frames caught my eye since so much of farmhouse style incorporates white and neutral colors, the splashes of black are always a welcomed addition to me.

Notice how much greenery is included in the picture above? Plants, as I’ve said before, are so essential to your space. You can use real ones if you are confident in your green-thumb abilities, but so many fakes look real from a distance, why not just give them a try? I love using little topiaries, faux flower stems, and colorful wreaths for the different seasons of the year.


Hope this post helped you gather some ideas for decorating your home! The pieces I chose are very easily attainable. Even purchasing a few things at a time, you can see a massive difference in your style cohesion. The prices are great anyway, so what is there to lose?

Let me know if you guys would like a post on affordable farmhouse furniture pieces and comment below with more helpful hints to your fellow shoppers. Don’t forget to subscribe for an email whenever I post so you’re up to date on your dose of home!



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