Farmhouse Style: Affordable Decor for Less

Farmhouse Decor

I go back and forth on what design styles I prefer day to day (sue me– I’m human). I admire people who can stick to one design aesthetic so much lol. But, I will say, the one style that always pulls me back in is definitely the farmhouse trend. Whether you call it farmhouse style, farmhouse chic, or modern farmhouse, it’s all the same to me. And while the key aspects of farmhouse style include […]

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Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom

(Photo Credit) So by this time, we all know how much I like putting together these shopping guides. Let’s face it: I spend all my spare time searching the internet for home decor anyway, so why not have a goal in mind while I’m searching? This time, it’s getting personal. I am slowly but surely changing things up in my house from college purchases to legitimate, adult decor purchases. So now I am really trying […]

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What is Farmhouse Style?

(Photo Credit) So you might be asking yourself: what exactly is “farmhouse style?” Is it rustic? Is it country chic? I suppose everyone has their own description, but I would say that for the purpose of this blog, farmhouse style can best be defined as a simple, rustic, and light style design utilizing re-purposed or found objects, metals, and linen accents. It’s probably easier to show you than it is to tell you, so let’s […]

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