Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Bedroom

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So by this time, we all know how much I like putting together these shopping guides. Let’s face it: I spend all my spare time searching the internet for home decor anyway, so why not have a goal in mind while I’m searching? This time, it’s getting personal. I am slowly but surely changing things up in my house from college purchases to legitimate, adult decor purchases. So now I am really trying to maintain a certain design aesthetic in my house (which is very hard since basically anything shiny seems to catch my eye). I’m heavily leaning towards the farmhouse style and my bedroom is not exempt! Allow me to share with you my favorite picks for my farmhouse bedroom oasis!

The Bed

(Clockwise From Top Left: Bed 1, Bed 2, Bed 3, Bed 4, Bed 5, Bed 6,

Bed 7, Bed 8, Bed 9, Bed 10, Bed 11)

There is an almost endless supply of bed frames available that will beautifully compliment the farmhouse look. You can go either metal or wood, light or dark– the possibilities are endless! So that can understandably make the bed buying process a little tedious. Above is a compilation of farmhouse beds for a range of price options.


(Row 1 From Left to Right: Nightstand 1, Nightstand 2, Nightstand 3, Nightstand 4, Nightstand 5

Row 2 From Left to Right: Nightstand 1, Nightstand 2, Nightstand 3, Nightstand 4, Nightstand 5

Row 3 From Left to Right: Nightstand 1, Nightstand 2, Nightstand 3, Nightstand 4, Nightstand 5)

Choosing the best nightstand can be a bit tricky. I prefer trying not to match the nightstand to the dresser, so if the dresser is a darker wood, I’ll typically go for a lighter nightstand or one with metal accents. Just remember not to keep your room too matchy-matchy.


Untitled design

(Row 1: Dresser 1, Dresser 2, Dresser 3, Dresser 4,

Row 2: Dresser 1, Dresser 2, Dresser 3, Dresser 4,

Row 3: Dresser 1, Dresser 2, Dresser 3, Dresser 4)

As I know from experience, it is very hard to find an affordable, well-made dresser. Really if you can do it, I recommend taking a trip down to your local furniture consignment store and hunt down a dresser there. You’re going to be way more likely to find a quality piece of furniture there, but I know it can be hard when you want something right away, because that’s really going to be a game of chance. If you do go that route, just remember: you can always change the hardware and color of the piece to be anything you want. Just consider the overall style of the piece and how the size will fit in your room.

As you can see from the dressers I have selected, there’s not a right color or style to necessarily go by when purchasing a farmhouse-style dresser. Pottery Barn has a wonderful array of dressers but they get pricey. You can always look on Wayfair and just search for dressers. You’ll be able to further narrow down your search by style and go from there.


Untitled design

(Row 1: Duvet 1, Duvet 2, Duvet 3, Duvet 4,

Row 2: Duvet 1, Duvet 2, Duvet 3, Duvet 4,

Row 3: Duvet 1, Duvet 2, Duvet 3, Duvet 4)

What bedding you choose will depend on many factors. If you really want to go Joanna Gaines, you should choose all white bedding. That’s going to look the freshest in your space and you can always spice it up with colorful throw pillows, or a new quilt. For my purposes, white will simply not do. I have two dogs that love jumping on the bed with their dirty paws, so I need something that will somewhat camouflage their filth at least for a week. If you are not interested in white, a muted color is always beautiful.

The color of your bedroom will dictate what color your bedding can be to a certain degree. My walls are a medium dark gray, so my bedding cannot match or else my room will be too monotone. If your walls are darker, consider lighter bedding. If your paint color is lighter, go crazy– you can choose light bedding or darker bedding and it will not be an issue.

I’ve included an array of duvet covers for you to peruse. Of course there were flashier duvets that caught my eye, but I find it preferable to stick to a neutral palette. As I said earlier, keeping things neutral or even white, allows you to add pops of colors with your accessories. If your duvet is too colorful, it forces you into a color palette that you may soon tire of. Remember to keep your sheets white and always all a quilt to the end of your bed. This can match your duvet or be in an accent color. Either way, it will really finish off the bedding.

Throws & Pillows

Untitled design

(Row 1: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4,

Row 2: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4,

Row 3: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4)

Time for some fun! These are some of my favorite decorating elements. I love how you can so easily change up the look of a space with just a few accent pieces. It was somewhat difficult to find universal pillows and throws– what you choose will depend strongly on what color your bedding ends up being and what accent colors you wish to incorporate into your room. These are some beautiful pillows and throws for year-round usage, but feel free to change them up during the holidays.

Wall Decor

Untitled design

(Row 1: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3,

Row 2: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3,

Row 3: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3)

It’s important not to overcrowd your bedroom– this should be your sanctuary after all! That being said, you do not want to add too many pieces of wall decor. Mirrors are always a good idea as they’ll add not only light to your bedroom, but they will allow you to check out how you’re looking when you get ready in the morning.

The rest of your wall decor should be relatively simple and in keeping with your theme. I had to add in a sprinkling of Magnolia Market items for good measure. Choose wall sconces, love quotes, picture frames, and wall vases for your greenery.


Untitled design

(From Top Left: Vases, Basket, Ladder, Bud Vases, Book, Flower Stems, Tray, Flowers,

Picture Holder, Lanterns, Candle Holders)

Last, but certainly not least– accessories. The best part of the decoration process. These are definitely my favorite items to purchase and I am very guilty of buying far too many accessories. I do not recommend this (but who can resist a good target sale?). Choose greenery, books, ceramic pieces, and candles as the main accessories for your bedroom. These will keep your space feeling clean and simple, yet cozy.


So there you have it– a small guide to get you going with your farmhouse bedroom. I took a lot of inspiration from Joanna Gaines. These items would definitely be in my ideal bedroom. Just make sure to make it your own and if you like something, just ask yourself if it fits the accent palette of your room.


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