Here We Go!

You might notice that my first blog post was posted many months ago. Here’s a confession: I’ve had this blog since even further back than my first blog post. Let’s say that between school, work, my Etsy shop, and “real life”, there wasn’t much spare time to learn how to use WordPress.

Luckily, over the past month I have felt a resurgence in determination. I decided I needed to think of what I would want my site to be oriented towards and just go with it. After looking around for inspiration, I have decided to just move forward and concentrate on home and lifestyle blogging. I have such a passion for home decor, renovations, and food, that it just made sense that this be the primary focus of my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be posting DIYs when I can, as well as doing shameless plugs on my brand whenever appropriate, but the main focus will be on the home.

I’ve decided that today is the day to finally just go for it and publish my blog, so here we go!


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