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We all know that there’s a big difference between a house and a home. That’s why we watch those design shows, read interior design magazines, and go crazy at Homegoods. Of course making your home cozy and welcoming is easier said than done when you don’t have a guide. For the longest time, I have struggled with my own home and making it feel complete.

Trust me, I have bought so many items from Target, Homegoods, and Michaels, but I have still found myself looking around wondering why I look like a hoarder instead of design maven. I know I’m not the only one that expects my house to look completely different after I bring home my Target finds. But it’s not just about buying things to make your home look inviting– it’s about buying the right things and maintaining your home. Mind you, mine is still far from finished, but I have discovered these tricks over the past year that have really helped to create ambiance in my home. I hope you take something away from this post!

alicia | our vintage nest on Instagram: “Enjoying this summer evening watching our favorite family show, American Ninja Warrior! I love hearing our kids cheer on the competitors... It's so cute to hear them call them by name. This is #widn... Thanks to the sweetest twins, Julie @juliesheartandhome and Jodie @jodiesdesignlife for asking! Wishing you all a good night! #ovnhome #liketkit #ltkhome”:


Most Importantly…

We’ve all been there– you’re exhausted after a day of work, your kids have made yet another mess, or you’ve left one too many dishes piled up in the sink. Unfortunately, you have to take the time to keep your home mess-free and relatively clean in order for the tips below to be effective. You cannot expect to buy a fake plant, stick it in the corner, and have your room become this amazing masterpiece if it’s surrounded by piles of dirty clothes or tumbleweeds of dog hair. Trust me, I hate having to clean up after a long day, but it’s a necessity if you are going to keep your home welcoming for everyone and feeling relaxing for you on a daily basis.


I always used to go by the old standard that faux plants should be avoided at all costs. Of course I think that over the years, faux plants have gotten much better looking! As you probably know if you are an avid Labrie Designs reader, I love Joanna Gaines. When I first started watching Fixer Upper, I noticed that she was using so much greenery and that this was being incorporated into the design, not just as a simple accent here and there. I decided to start following in her footsteps and have loved the results. Here are some great examples of how you can incorporate greenery into your home.

The Best Faux Plants and Where TO Buy Them, Fake Plants:

(Where to Buy This Olive Tree)

As if I couldn't love my mantel anymore.....this sign by my sweet friend Jess @houseon77th is perfection my friends. Not only does it hold so much meaning for our family but it's gorgeous. I think it's safe to say this mantel in our home is complete!! It's so good to be home.....:


Studio McGee | Our Favorite Plants + How to Keep Them Alive:


Fixer Upper Season 3 | Renovation by Chip and Joanna Gaines | Living Room | Mantel:



Ok, this isn’t just an advertising for my Etsy shop. Candles do add such a nice feel to your home. Personally, I love lighting candles and having the scent fill my house (see, it doubles as  a way to make your home smell more inviting, too), but I also love using faux candles on a timer. They put off a nice, warm glow and I don’t have to remember to extinguish them at night. True, they do not produce any scent, so the benefits are purely visual, but you can’t tell me that the warm flicker of a candle doesn’t make you feel more at peace. Here are some ways to incorporate candles into your decor and some places that you can buy them.

Fill an unusable fireplace with different sized candles and holders in the same color.:



Bennett Candlesticks

(Buy These Candlestick Holders Here)

The Beanstalk Bungalow | Fixer Upper Season 3 | Chip and Joanna Gaines:


(Buy These Flameless Candles on Amazon)

Keep Your Home Smelling Great

This sorta goes hand in hand with keeping your home clean, but there are so many ways to keep your home smelling more inviting than by using the fresh scent of Windex. Look on Pinterest for stovetop concoctions to warm up before guests arrive or to make your home smell season-appropriate. As I mentioned previously, burn some candles, or (my personal favorite) use incense. It’s powerful, cheap, and comes in so many great different scents. If you are not into buring candles, invest in a wax warmer and wax melts. The scent will last for a decent while and is not too costly to replace. Lastly, I have been doing this trick for a little while now: mix a little bit of essential oils and water and place these in the warmer of your wax warmer. This is so powerful and will quickly make your home smell much better! I also have a collection of oils that I use to create my soy candles, so I will often use a little bit of those and mix it with water to fill my whole house with whatever scent I please.


Play some soft music in your home! I did not used to think that this was necessary, especially since my home can get so noisy, but ever since I purchased the Alexa Echo Dot, I have utilized it nonstop. I love having classical music playing in the background while I am reading a book or sitting on the computer while writing this post. Not to mention I love being able to link the speaker to my boyfriend’s Spotify account when I am cooking.

If Alexa isn’t for you, invest in a record player! It is so fun to accumulate a bunch of records and nothing beats the difference in sound. I love playing my Amy Winehouse and Adele records using this method. Using a record player just makes everything feel so much more passionate.

(This is actually the record player I own in my home. Buy it here.)


(Buy This Portable Turntable Here)

(Buy This Cutie Here)


You might think that this is repetitive since I already mentioned that candles are essential to making your home feel cozier, but this is totally different. Let me ask you a question: Do you keep all of your ceiling lights on in the evening, or do you use any different forms of lighting? If you keep your overhead lights on at night, consider using lamps! I love finally being able to turn on my lamps in the evening and turn off those harsh lights. Going back to the candles that I mentioned earlier, I love having a warm, glowing light fill the space instead of a harsh, white light. Not to mention that lamps make great finishing touches to your space. Use these to add style!

Antique Mercury Glass Table & Bedside Lamps

(Buy This Mercury Glass Lamp Here)

Glendale Pulley Task Table Lamp

(Love This Pulley Lamp)


(You should check out my Masculine Office Shopping Guide where I first featured this lamp. Purchase it at World Market.)


(I love how this lamp seems to go with so many styles.)


I hope you all enjoyed this post! I have been loving putting these tips into affect over the past year and it has made such a difference in my home. Comment with any recommendations of your own. I would love to hear them!

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