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I have very big plans for the new year and one of the things that I have set my sights on is tearing apart and completing redoing my master bathroom. When that project is underway I will post pictures of the process. Until then, I’m still preparing for the renovation and one of the things I am doing to prepare includes perusing Pinterest on the daily for style inspiration. Below is a collection of photos that I have gathered to help guide me in the right style direction. If you’re interested in more, follow my Pinterest board for additional ideas!

Beautiful combination of marble and glass penny round mosaics. Perfect for a contemporary or modern feel. Shop these tiles and more at!: (Picture Credit)

My bathroom is currently the most basic-looking bathroom that one could probably own. It came with the standard tub, toilet, and compact sink and cabinet combination. When this renovation is done, I will have a walk-in shower because god knows I do not have the patience to soak in a bath tub for an hour.

I love the idea of this tile. My bathroom is going to be mostly black and white, so I would not select this color tile, but I love the small, penny-size tiles and combination of metal and marble.

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I love the combination of black and white tiles in this bathroom. The tile work, combined with the fixtures and different metals makes this room look simultaneously traditional and modern. The hexagonal tiles on the floor are definitely a fun touch, I just don’t know if they are too trendy for my home. Having non-standard-shaped or printed tiles seems to be very popular at the moment, but I will likely go with something more timeless.

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There are so many things I love, love, love about this bathroom! The dark mosaic floor is absolutely beautiful and different, yet still traditional (especially when paired with the subway tiles on the wall). Of course I’m such a fan of jewel tones so the vanity is definitely appealing to me, but sadly I do not think I would choose something so specific for my bathroom since I do hope to sell my home in a few years. Lastly, the gold hardware is to die for! Again, it’s a unique choice that not everybody will love, but it instantly makes any bathroom look more glamorous. The mirrors are a perfect choice for the space and something that I will be purchasing for my bathroom. I love the ledge attached to the mirrors for added interest, thought I don’t think it would look too nice to have something resting on them on a daily basis.

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A small, half bathroom which is an excellent example of how small my bathroom is at this time. I love how they utilized the space given and, in particular, I find the small sink absolutely adorable. The patterned floor tile adds a little splash of fun to this small bathroom. I do think it’s important to add an element of fun to any small space since they can easily become so drab. I 100% approve of the flooring choice and use of wall decor to add some excitement.

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Ok, this picture is a little different from the others that are included above BUT, I just had to include this idea for black tiles in the shower. I am still going back and forth on whether or not this might be a bit much and if it would deter potential buyers in the years to come, but I also think it could turn out beautifully.

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I love that these cubby holes are different from the norm. I think the placement is perfect for storing everything you need in your shower. These will fit between studs and have that added reinforcement. I also like the fact that the background of the cubby holes are a different tile that the rest of the shower. Definitely want these in mine.

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Lastly for this post is this beautiful tile work. Herringbone patterns are always my favorite when it comes to tiling and this example is no different. I love the combination of dark tiles and light grout color. I love the gold hardware, but I’m thinking chrome or black would look really good with this tile.

So there you have it: a small glimpse into my plans. I am not 100% certain yet which way I will go with the master bathroom. I have a definite tendency towards glam, but I am working to make my home more farmhouse style than anything so the bathroom will likely reflect that. We’ll see what happens!


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