My Very First Blog Post!

How does one begin their first blog post? I’ve written and rewritten this post a few times and I’ve decided to go with the free-flowing thought version. I think we’ll start this post with a little bit of information on me. My name is Catherine Labrie and I’m obviously the creator of this site. I was born in Quebec, Canada and moved to Tampa, Florida when I was a child. My first language is French, but unfortunately I now speak English much better than I do my native tongue. I studied psychology at the University of Florida where I graduated Cum Laude and moved back to Tampa, not knowing where the next years of my life would take me. I was accepted into the University of South Florida’s Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling graduate program and I hope to eventually be a mental health therapist specializing in relationships.

Now for a little bit of information on Labrie Designs. This whole process began with an anniversary gift I made for my boyfriend a couple of years ago. I thought that the finished product was so good, I should try to see if other people would buy my work. That transformed into me creating home decor items for a while and then slowly immersing myself in the body care world.

Since that time, I’ve created an Etsy shop and been a part of many events in the Tampa area (I try to participate in at least one market per month). I also had my products in two stores in the area. I now make primarily soy candles, beard care,  and paintings. My brand is constantly developing and shifting its focus.

Creating a website was the natural next step for me. I’ve always enjoyed reading blogs and getting a little glimpse into people’s lives (perhaps it’s the therapist in me). My hope is that this site will do just that for you! I hope to provide you with home design ideas, recipes, DIY projects, and information on becoming a “maker”.

Thank you so much for checking out my site and bear with me as things inevitably change and get better and better!


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