What is Farmhouse Style?

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So you might be asking yourself: what exactly is “farmhouse style?” Is it rustic? Is it country chic? I suppose everyone has their own description, but I would say that for the purpose of this blog, farmhouse style can best be defined as a simple, rustic, and light style design utilizing re-purposed or found objects, metals, and linen accents. It’s probably easier to show you than it is to tell you, so let’s proceed onward.

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Ok, we have to start off this journey with a picture from a home makeover from someone who personifies the farmhouse aesthetic and who has probably been most responsible for popularizing it over the past two years. If you don’t know about Chip and Joanna Gaines, then first, where have you been? Second, go to their site right now and look at all the amazing transformations they’ve done over the years. If there’s anything I live by, it’s the question: What Would Joanna Do?

Sorry for that rant, let’s get back on track. This is one of my favorite transformations from Fixer Upper and of course, it’s the embodiment of farmhouse style. Specifically, note the light-colored walls, neutral furniture, light wood dining table and chairs, and use of metal found in the dining table and basket. I will say, it is a little different for leather couches to be utilized when decorating a home with farmhouse in mind, but if Joanna did it, it must be ok. Typically, you’ll see light linen, cream, or grey couches. I tend to prefer this camel-colored leather, but go with whatever you prefer.

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Look at how beautiful this room is. It’s inviting, warm, yet light, and tranquil. Keep this room in mind when you think of farmhouse style.¬†The flooring a warm, medium-tone wood, while the walls are covered in painted shiplap. Notice that like I said earlier, the sofas are a light linen color– these are pretty much the standard in farmhouse style seating. While the two main pieces of furniture are light and comfy, off to the side, a black bench adds interest with a colorful, mustard cushion. In this room, the designed opted for mostly black, metal accents which can be found in the end tables and chandelier. Finally, and very importantly, is the utilization of plant life in this space. After being a dedicated Fixer Upper fan for the past two years, I have come to notice that greenery is always that last, finishing touch that ties the room together and makes everything look a little livelier.

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The use of open shelving is almost guaranteed when designing a farmhouse-style kitchen. Yes, your cups might get dusty, but at least your kitchen will be pretty! I love the concrete counters paired with the white, shiplap walls, and and black cabinets. The combination of metals and textures in this space are visually stimulating and work well together to make the space farmhouse, yet slightly industrial.

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Ok, it’s the last living room picture, I promise. This is one of my personal favorites. Again, another room by Joanna Gaines, but can you blame me? She just knows how to style a room so well! The first thing that¬†catches my attention is the wood work on the shelf doors. The craftsman style stands out with the white paint and darker backdrop of books. Next, notice again the use of greenery. Not as bright as the other living room picture, but by using even the small topiaries and magnolia blooms, the space comes alive. Of note are also the books used to decorate the top of the fireplace. I must take this moment to point out that Joanna loves using books to decorate. She either likes to find old books and use them as decoration, or face the books the opposite way as she has done in this photo, so that you can see the pages.

Overall, this is a neutral-colored space, but the walls, cushions, and throws, act as the pops of color in the space. This is something quite common in farmhouse styled rooms. The end goal is for the space to be mostly neutral with added interest.

So there you have it: a very small introduction to the farmhouse style. Don’t worry– more is coming.


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