White & Gold Bathroom Guide


When I first sat down, I wondered what theme I should go for with this post. Then it dawned on me: I love gold. So… make something with gold. I know, it’s a very serious process. Well I’ve assembled pretty much everything you would need to make a chic white and gold bathroom. To me, the fixtures and decor have a touch of class and yet, are still very stylish. Below are some images of my favorite white and gold bathroom ideas, followed by my selection of fixtures! Make sure to follow my Pinterest page for more bathroom inspiration!

Designed by SuzAnn Keltzein, the dark walls and geometric tiles in this "dramatic" washroom get an extra dose of luxury with a lavish chandelier. Bonus points for the asymmetrical claw-footed tub.


Beautiful bathroom! Nothing better than a claw foot tub with gold and black accents!:


Getting back at it. Working on a couple of bathroom renos with this pale green herringbone tile and modern brass plumbing & fixtures as inspo. #flaxdesign #interiors #curatingyourspace:


Indulgent Bathroom #inspiration #interiordesign:


Now, here’s everything you need to make your own, beautifully designed bathroom:

Untitled design

(Bathroom Fixtures, Sconce, Shower Curtain, Faucets, Soap Dispenser, Hand Towel,

Pivoting Mirror, Vanity, Wash Cloth, Jewelry Stand, Bath Towel, Marble Slab)


I hope you enjoyed this quick gold and white design post. I loved coming up with the fixtures for my perfect gold and white look. I am confident that this would be such a clean and stylish look.


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